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Water resistant!

For the past 13 years Rosies Workwear has been trying coveralls and overalls on women all over the country. Most of our design improvements and inspirations come from women we meet at various garden, farming, horse, construction, and DIY trade shows we attend. We always try to make time to listen to women’s stories and needs. It’s what fuels us!

These overalls came directly from the input of women like you. Women who called, emailed, or stopped by to share with us. When we did our first field testing on these overalls we were shocked how quickly we filled up the pages of our pre-order forms!

                These overalls are work beasts. They are made for professionals. Women who wear them day in and day out. They are neutral-yet-classy enough to be worn as uniforms. The dark, earthy, grey hides dirt and grime really well.

                Imagine working hard in the sun, leading a team of landscapers, then, being able to walk confidently over to greet your clients, who drop by in suits. This is that kind of outfit.

Some of the changes we made:

·         We toughened up the fabric and made it water resistant (for accidental sprays).

·         We reinforced the knees and clipper pockets with nylon.

·         We added loops for hammers and a d-ring (for those must-have glasses/sunglasses).

·         We added even more useful pockets (we love pockets!)

Then, to top it all off, we added a Rosie patch at the cross in the back. Because, You Can Do It, girl! …in style.

Knee-pads are sold separately for this product.

  • The dark color will hide dirt well and are neutral enough for a "uniform" look. We have called this ambiguous color "Smoke". They are grey, but in certain lights look brown or green.
  • Water resistant (600mm)- this means spray will bead off but they are not waterproof. It will give you protection in normal rainy weather for short periods of time.
  • Blended fabric of cotton (for breathability and softness) and polyester (for long term wear & tear capability)
  • Reinforced nylon knees with a pocket for knee-pads (kneepads not included).
  • Double stitched all the way around
  • Extra-strength, quick release buckle helps makes for much easier exit/entry than traditional overalls
  • Heavy-duty elastic straps help the garment to move with you in comfort as you work
  • A thinner bib to make them cooler
  • Same flattering fit as our traditional overalls: two side buttons for adjustability, cut to a woman's body shape, flattering cross in the back, wide legs
  • We loaded these overalls with tons of pockets:
  1. A side of leg cargo pocket (great for cell phone or keys) with velcro closure
  2. A long nylon reinforced pocket for clippers or knife
  3. 2 hammer loops
  4. 2 slant pockets at waist
  5. 2 nylon insertable pockets (that can be tucked inside slant pockets) that are great for seeds or nails
  6. 2 large pockets on the bib, 1 with velcro closure and 1 with zipper closure, so nothing falls out as you bedn over
  7. 2 pencil pockets
  8. A D-ring for hanging sunglasses, safety glasses or reading glasses
  • These were made by a new factory for us, that produces the highest-quality workwear we have ever seen. They are WRAP certified, which means they go through an unusually greuling and ongoing review process to make sure they are abiding by prohibition of  forced labor, child labor, discrimination, harassment or abuse, and that they have fair hours of work, health & safety conditions, and collective bargaining rights. That matters to us, and we are delighted to be able to partner with them.



To help retain the water-resistant finish, machine wash on cold with a mild detergent (without phosphates or fabric softeners which can break down the finish). Wash dark colors separately, no bleach. Hang dry or machine dry on low.

Reviews (1)

December 21, 2014


I LOVE MY ROSIE'S! I want to wear these overalls ALL THE TIME! The fit is spot on as described perhaps even with a little give. I love the feminine shape and the 2 sets of side buttons allows for flexible fitting. Before wearing them for actual work, I wore them around the house & my husband complimented me! No more of those over sized t-shirts & work shorts made for men! The brushed twill is so soft - inside & out! The adjustable straps are a pleasant surprise, made with wide elastic that has a nice, soft finish. The buckles are made from sturdy, polished plastic that open and close easily. And lots of POCKETS!!" Because I do remodeling & repairs, I find myself under sinks, in crawl spaces & other tight spots so I fill up the pockets to have my tools handy. I have customized my pockets by removing the hook & loop fastener on the flap over the chest pocket. I love having the flap because stuff always falls out of my other overalls, but the H&L fastener holds too tight. I removed all the other flaps so I can slide my tools in & out easier. Having 2 pencil pockets is such a luxury, I wanted one for short pencils so I stitched across the bottom of one, 2" from the bottom. I can't wait for more spring and summer designs!

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