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Made with details only a woman would understand. Rosies are designed by women, for women.

Don't let their girlish good looks fool you. These overalls are made to take a beating. They are oh-so soft but tough, just like you.

Workwear is designed to slip on over clothing in seconds, even with work gloves and boots on.

Overalls are cut for a woman's proportions, and the design details make them flattering for all shapes.

Rosies are nice enough to be able to run errands in during the middle of a project, or to wear in front of clients on a professional job.

The construction, the fabric, and the manufacturing are chosen with durability in mind. These overalls are intended for long-term use. They will help you get your to-do lists accomplished... in style. 

-100% cotton twill fabric is durable, stain resistant, and breathable
-Garment is double stitched for added durability
-Cut is long in the rise and elastic straps allow for maximum movement while working
-Adjustable side buttons for layering
-Removable kneepads included
-11 pockets for various tools including a hidden inner pocket for hands-free work
-Zip-off pant legs for hot weather
Uses: gardening, ranch work, animal care, grooming, painting, construction, trades work, automobile care, 
welding, fishing hiking, childcare, housecleaning, and throwing on over clothes for any of the many unpredictable 
tasks in a woman's life.
Care: Machine wash and dry

Reviews (7)

April 10, 2015


Clothing in this kind of quality is hard to come by. Soft, yet sturdy cotton moves with you as you move. Laughed about the purple overalls every time I put them on. They were a cherished gift. I have loved and worked my first pair to DEATH, splotched with paint and little tears of hard woman's work! Now ordering a second. I'm giving a talk about our farm in two weeks and these new purple overalls will be my fashion statement, lol. How about making it in children's sizes? Lovely.

March 29, 2015


Received the overalls as a gift and I couldn't love them more. Workmanship is so, fabric, endless pockets, elastic shoulder straps...there is just nothing not to love. I laughed at Laura's comment about not wanting to get her light pink ones dirty. I'm tempted to order pink just to wear around! And did I mention comfortable? If you're on the fence, don't be. You won't be disappointed.

March 03, 2015


I bought overalls here in Christchurch New Zealand. I'm loving them! Love the wide elastic strap and easy buckle and the little details of black trim edges on the pockets...and the price included the knee pads which I was prepared to forgo. The knee pads are so comfortable. I will be using the overalls for garden work in a "top end" suburb. My 3$ pair were just not the sort of thing one would wear in these sort of properties! I looked at other web sites but the main criteria was the elastic straps to allow some stretch. I was so glad to have found Rosies as I thought there wasn't going to be a solution...Thanks so much!

February 23, 2015


I've just bought another pair of overalls--not to replace my first, but because I love them so much I wear them all the time. I first bought them when I worked in a warehouse and loved how tough they were and that I could carry all my tools within easy reach. Now I use them almost every day on the farm and can't imagine how I managed without them. They are comfortable and easy to move in; they keep my tools close at hand so I'm not always having to lug a toolbox around; the kneepads are wonderful for my middle-aged knees when I have to get down in the dirt (every day!). I recommend these to my friends all the time.

February 17, 2015


Awesome soft and pretty enough with plenty of pockets for a hard working country girl...I love to garden, work with horses so I was long overdue for my first overalls! Only think could be different is a petite size. Loved the Eggplant color!

February 17, 2015


Incredible fit and quality. Rosies' description is spot on. I need to start handing out Rosies' business cards at the lumber yard...I'm so popular now! They are so easy to get on and off. I am constantly covered in sawdust or dirt, so these make it easy to shed and look presentable at my son's school in the middle of my day/project!

megan cote

April 27, 2016


I love these so much a bought more. So many pockets

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