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Ask and you shall recieve.

Women have been asking for a both a denim overall, and lightweight option.

This is our Rosies Workwear spin on a classic. It is also our lightest weight overall we have created yet, perfect for hot weather outdoor work!

They include many of the high-tech features and reinforcement that the Professional Overall (in Smoke color) includes, as well as the feminine cut characteristic of the Rosies line.

Look like a farmer in classic denim, but still like a woman. Plus, we bet his overalls don't have all the cool features yours will have, such as:

-reinforced nylon knees with kneepad pocket

-reinforced nylon pockets including: a clipper pocket, seed pockets, wide zippered bib pocket, a cargo pocket, and velcroed down back pockets.

-a D-ring for glasses/sunglasses

-a Rosies patch, for can-do motivation and grit

-a feminine cut for comfort & style

-2 rivets at the waist for adjustability and layering

-adjustable heavy-duty elastic straps with quick-release snaps 

Reviews (1)

December 21, 2014


I LOVE MY ROSIE'S! I want to wear these overalls ALL THE TIME! The fit is spot on as described perhaps even with a little give. I love the feminine shape and the 2 sets of side buttons allows for flexible fitting. Before wearing them for actual work, I wore them around the house & my husband complimented me! No more of those over sized t-shirts & work shorts made for men! The brushed twill is so soft - inside & out! The adjustable straps are a pleasant surprise, made with wide elastic that has a nice, soft finish. The buckles are made from sturdy, polished plastic that open and close easily. And lots of POCKETS!!" Because I do remodeling & repairs, I find myself under sinks, in crawl spaces & other tight spots so I fill up the pockets to have my tools handy. I have customized my pockets by removing the hook & loop fastener on the flap over the chest pocket. I love having the flap because stuff always falls out of my other overalls, but the H&L fastener holds too tight. I removed all the other flaps so I can slide my tools in & out easier. Having 2 pencil pockets is such a luxury, I wanted one for short pencils so I stitched across the bottom of one, 2" from the bottom. I can't wait for more spring and summer designs!

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