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Our overalls are designed as a work garment and are already cut roomy enough to move around in. They are adjustable on the side buttons and on the straps.

This size finder is just an estimate of your size and cannot account for every body type. If you have a sizing question, please email us at info@rosiesworkwear.com and we would be happy to assist you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Rosie?

Rosie is based off of Rosie the Riveter, the symbol of women who stepped in to work at factories and farms while the men were overseas during WWII. We love that Rosie is a symbol of the diversity of skills that women ‘can do’, and the positive spirit that she embodies. We believe that modern women everywhere still express that spirit as they learn new skills, push their own boundaries, and take on challenging hobbies and jobs. Sky’s the limit! We can do it!

Why do women need their own coveralls/overalls?

With more women entering the trades, picking up DIY projects, and starting their own farms and home gardens there is a greater need than ever for clothing that is specifically made for their needs. Women need garments that are not bulky and baggy, for safety reasons.

Rosies has been making women’s work wear since 2002, well before any large brands (Carhartt and Dickies) noticed the need. We still think those men’s companies got it wrong though. Our overalls and coveralls are designed by women, incorporating details only a woman would understand. We built our work wear around a woman’s proportions, and didn’t just shrink men’s gear. The fabric is soft and beautiful (because we want to look like women, dang it!) but still durable. We included elastic straps, so there is less pinching in sensitive areas, as we move around. Most women like to move around with our hands-free, so we incorporated lots of pockets (both for tools and knee-pads).

I’m having trouble figuring out my size! Can you help?

Absolutely! Since overalls and coveralls are a one piece garment they fit very differently than traditional clothes, and you might be surprised by what size fits you. Luckily, we have been helping women try on overalls & coveralls for over a decade and are pretty accurate in what we are able to recommend (even over the phone or email). We find most women order a size that is too large for them, and we would like to help you get it right! Just email us at info@rosiesworkwear.com.

We recommend ordering a size that is true to our measurements on the size chart.

I’m really tall and/or am large busted will they fit me?

Our overalls have 6" of adjustability in the shoulder straps, so they really can fit most bust sizes. The adjustability in the straps also allows them to increase the length for tall women. Plus, for those of you with longer legs (or who like to wear boots) you will be glad to hear that our coveralls and overalls are already cut long in the legs. The inseam is designed to fit a few inches below the crotch our one-piece garments so there is room to move around while working, without that dreaded 'pinching' occurring.

Does Rosies ship internationally?

Yes, in addition to all 50 United States, Rosies offers shipping worldwide. We ship quite a lot to Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, and Europe. For more information here is a link to our shipping policy.

How much do the overalls/coveralls shrink?

Most of our products are made with cotton, because it is so breathable for hot work. Cotton, as a rule, shrinks between to 3-5%. However, the grade of cotton used and the tightness of the weave play a big part in this. The good news about cotton (unlike other fibers) is that often high quality cotton garments that have shrunk too much can be tugged on, while wet, to regain their shape. For specific detail on each type of overall/coverall here is a link to our garment shrinkage information.

If I order the wrong size will I be able to exchange them?

For sure! We offer exchanges on all domestic US and non-sale orders. We just ask that you return all items in their original condition (unwashed and unworn). Use the simple form that comes in your package for easy returns. Here is a link to our exchange/return policy.

Will you reimburse me for what it costs me to ship my order back to you?

No, you pay for shipping back to us. However, Rosies will pay for shipping your exchanged garment back to you. If we accidentally shipped you the wrong item then, of course, we will pay to correct our mistake. Please contact us if that occurs.

What if my product has a manufacturer's defect?

All of our products are selected for their high-quality and durability. However, there are the occasional errors in craftsmanship that come up. We guarantee our products for the first 60 days, with normal wear and tear. If the garment has been unwashed and unworn you may exchange it. If it has been worn we will either give you a credit to have the repair made, or you may ship it back to us for repair (this process can take up to 60 days until it is returned to you). Please contact us if you experience a defect.

I don’t see my size available. Will you be offering additional plus-sizes, petite-sizes, or tall sizes in the future?

We do have plans to increase our size range. Currently we only offer the sizes listed on our website. Since our coveralls and overalls are a one-piece garment most women are surprised at how they can fit a wide range of body types. Please call or email us if you have any fit questions. We would love to be able to fit absolutely all women, however we are still a small family run company and have to add to our line slowly. If you want to get on an email list for when those sizes will be available please contact us.

Are there different fabric options available (such as: lightweight overalls, fire retardant, patterned, or insulated)?

We are continually pricing and designing new options for our brand based on customer input. If you have any suggestions contact us! We announce information about any new products we are releasing on our Facebook page and e-newsletter. Join us there for updates!

Do you offer any customizations (such as: changing the color, different type of wrist closures, changing the arm length, etc.)?

We are unable to make small custom runs on our overalls or coveralls. We have purposefully designed our garments with a fairly simple and clean look, so that they can be easily modified for your unique needs. We have kept detailing minimal so that company logos or patches can be added of your own design. Most of our garments are a high quality 100% cotton twill which is very easy to sew and takes dye extremely well. Get creative! If you have modified your Rosies, send us a photo, we would love to see your creative spin! Here are some examples on our Pinterest board.

Where are your products made?

Rosies has very high standards for how and where our products are made. We want to provide you with a long lasting garment at a good value. We have a great relationship with all of our factories. Most of our coveralls and overalls are made in China. The factory we are currently using is WRAP certified, which is an extremely rigorous review program that constantly monitors for safe, quality, and fair working conditions (with absolutely no forced or child labor allowed).

Our women's Leather Gloves, Old Style Coveralls, Denim Overalls, Accessories and Tools are made in the United States. Our T-shirts are printed in the United States.

Our Pink Tool Belts and Pouches are made in India.

Can I find Rosies Workwear in any retail locations?

Rosies and Pink Tool Belts (www.pinktoolbelts.com) are primarily sold through our online store, and at Home-Improvement, Farm & Garden, and Holiday Trade Shows. Visit our events page to see where we will be!

What if you are out of the size I wanted to order?

We usually have our stock up to date on our website. Oftentimes we are just running low on a certain color or style, in order to make room for a new product we are developing. Sign up for our newsletter or like us on facebook for the latest updates on new product releases.